Nicholas Levis and John Albanese Visit Laura Ingraham at Fox News

June 22, 2006 at 10:37 am Leave a comment

But at approximately 12:30 things took a surrealistic turn. (As if sitting in the evil corporate citadel of crypto-fascism was not surrealistic enough for me.) A meticulously dressed man arrived who immediately recognized Nicholas, and began handing out business cards identifying him as “Griffin Jenkins – Producer – The Tony Snow Show.”

I supposed “the Griff” (as he referred to himself) had not yet had a chance to get new business cards, considering that Tony Snow is now the White House Press Secretary, and “the Griff” should be out of a job.

“The Griff” appeared to take a special liking to us. In fact, the next hour was spent sitting in the green room and answering his interrogation….errrr……. friendly questions. He appeared very sincere and likeable, and also appeared to have an in-depth understanding of the material we were presenting, referring to Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer as “Tony” and Curt Weldon on a personal level, as he outlined his own relationships to these men. Nicholas Levis was in top form, making his usual eloquent and articulate case for 9/11 complicity, and “the Griff” appeared to be soaking it all up, with his unexplained sidekick, as the hours ticked by.



I suppose I could call Laura Ingraham a whore. Because that is in fact what she is. Think “Bill O’Reilly wannabe on psychotropic drugs.” There was not even a hint of fair play. She framed the interview by claiming the Chicago Conference was attended by an assortment of “conspiracy theory” loonies – including a man who lives in a cave. (I shit you not) When Nicholas objected, she became hostile and commenced projecting opinions onto him with questions like, “When did you stop beating your wife,” while repeatedly cutting off Nicholas’ responses, and providing him with the answers herself.



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